1. What is Swiftsat?
Swiftsat is a reliable, high speed internet solution available comprehensively in the Middle East and the great lakes region. Unlike traditional connections, Swiftsat uses satellite technology, not phone lines or cables to provide you uninterrupted, super speed internet access. This dependency on satellite cover helps customers rely on Swiftsat even in difficult terrain and areas with limited infrastructure and the super speed Ka band lets you browse faster and download files instantly.

2. How do I get a connection?
You can reach us via the details on our contact us page. You can inform our sales team of your requirements by writing to sales@swiftsat.com with your phone and email contact details and we shall get back to you within the hour.

3. Do I need a telephone line or cable?
No, your Swiftsat high-speed internet would be provided to you via VSAT Ka band. The system includes a small antenna to be installed outside your home and a modem to connect the service to your system or LAN.

4. Will Swiftsat provide high speed internet in my area?
As Swiftsat arrives to you via high-speed Ka band, the speed and network reliability would be uniform across our coverage area.
Please visit
http://swiftsat.com/coverage.html or contact us by filling the enquiry form or calling the customer service representative in your area.

5. What kind of support will I be provided?
Swiftsat’s USP is our unmatched quality of service. We offer 24/7 support via our online helpdesk even when our offices are closed. Your issues could also be brought to our attention via email or a recorded message and our support engineers guarantee a response within 24 hours. We also offer interactive chat support 6 days a week (except government holidays) and telephone support 6 days a week (except government holidays).

6. Is satellite internet big and heavy? How much space would be required to install it?
Swiftsat’s technology does not rely on ancient 10 feet wide satellite dishes. To avail of our services, home users only require a computer, a modem, a couple of cables and an antenna less than a metre wide in diameter. That’s smaller than the length of your arm from shoulder to fingertips.

7. What is Fair Usage Policy?
A fair usage policy consists of certain rules and regulations to ensure that all our customers are provider access to high quality internet services. It seeks to prevent malpractices and misuse of the network.

To know more about our FUP, please visit:

8. How do I pick the right plan for me?
Picking a plan involves evaluating your internet requirements. Your internet usage would vary depending on the online services you generally use (email, surf etc.); the number of systems the connection should support. Since our connection is via satellite internet, we can provide reliable network across the region and your office location therefore does not have an impact on your plans. You can simply contact our sales team at sales@swiftsat.com with a brief set of your requirements and we will be delighted to suggest the best plan for you.

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