The Fair Usage Policy is designed such that customers get access to a seamless internet experience which ensures good bandwidth and great speeds.

Why a fair usage policy?
The purpose of the fair usage policy is to provide high-quality internet services to all customers.
The fair usage policy guarantees that all users of the service get Internet access at broadband speeds irrespective of their location and time of use.
While we encourage our customers to take full advantage of our networks speed and quality, our obligation to all customers mean that certain rules have to be set to ensure service is provided to all without disparity.

What happens in the fair usage policy?
According to the fair usage policy, customers get access to consistent, high speed internet with high usage limits. This is in lines with the service’s technical specifications which include provision of high speed internet access to all locations within the country, without any geographical disparity, throughout day and night.

What is the impact of fair usage policy on data transfer limits?
Customers with unlimited bandwidth connections will have no data transfer limits whatsoever. They will be able to enjoy broadband speeds while surfing the internet. However for all other plans, specific data transfer limits are set to ensure fair-usage. The data transfer limits however do not apply to Free Zone.

How else does this policy help customers?
In addition to ensuring our excellent quality is made available to all customers equally, FUP helps restrict malicious activity that might harm your computer and/or other systems in the network or community. This includes but is not limited to hackers trying to use your bandwidth for nefarious purposes, internet piracy and Viruses, Spyware etc. that gain access to your network without user authentication.

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