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Internet in Kigali

Kigali - Swiftsat Satellite ISP

At Swiftsat we understand your need for a network that helps you stay connected 24/7 without compromising on speed. This is why we provide the best of Broadband Internet in Kigali. Our VSAT Satellite internet in Kigali provides you with a fast and reliable network. As your internet is provided via a Satellite Wireless KA band, Swiftsat's high speed internet network in Kigali is able to support your organization with reliable connection even in remote areas irrespective of the infrastructure available in the area.

Internet in Kigali - Swiftsat Satellite ISP

Swiftsat's internet service in Kigali is empowered by cutting edge Ka Band internet technology, provided via Avanti's Hylas 2 Satellite. We provide all our internet services including Home Plans, Office Plans, IP Trunking and Network Management Services are available in Kigali.

Our dedication to customer service and unmatched quality of service in Kigali makes Swiftsat the ideal choice for you.

Internet in Kigali - Swiftsat Satellite ISP

Kigali, with populace of just about 1 million (2009), is the capital and biggest city of Rwanda. It is situated close to the geographic middle of the country. The city has been the commercial, social, and transport hub of Rwanda since it got capital at freedom in 1962. The fundamental home and business settings of the President of Rwanda are found in the city, as are the legislature services. The city is coterminous with the region of Kigali City, which was augmented in January 2006, as a component of nearby government reorganisation in the nation. The city's urban zone blankets in the vicinity of 70% of the civil limits

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Regional Offices -
Democratic Republic of Congo

Bukavu, South Kivu,
DRC +243 974 654 098

Goma, North Kivu,
DRC +243 974 654 098

Regional Office Burundi:
Kinanera II, Bujumbura, Burundi
+257 765 605 60, +257 751 556 59

Regional Office Rwanda:
Kigali, Rwanda (Management only)
+250 789 175 226

Priority Partner - Tanzania:
Capital Technologies
Suite 14 ,
Harbour View Towers
(Formerly JM Mall)
2nd Floor, Samora Avenue
Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania
+255 685 580 832



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